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Are you a Nerd?

Roses are #FF0000 Violets are #0000FF If you can read this, Then you’re a nerd 0010.

Hello World! Again . . .

Hello World!  Again . . .

WordPress is back!

I finally found a little time to tinker with my website



Übersicht is a great open source project by Felix Hageloh. Übersicht allows you to build desktop widgets for OS X using javascript, html and css. I decided to try building my own Übersicht widget to put the daily text from on my desktop.


Magaly’s Talk

Magaly’s first talk in english.

Headless Mac Mini

I have an older Mac Mini, and I wanted to run it headless to play my music through iTunes. The problem is that the performance for screen sharing without a monitor on the host is abysmal. The solution is to trick your ?Mini into thinking it does have a head so it loads all QT […]

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

I changed the batteries in my Apple bluetooth keyboard and was having difficulty getting the computer to see it again.



Frost !?!?

Frost !?!?

I didn’t expect to be scraping windows this morning!!! I guess I shouldn’t complain, it is November after all 😉   

Heinz Hall

Heinz Hall

Tony & Miriam took us to Heinz Hall to see Westside Story for our anniversary.    More Photos


Hello World!

Here we go again.  I shook things up a bit moving everything to new servers.  There were a couple of things that happened. The amount of spam coming in lately has become unwieldy. Everything (dns, mail, web) was on one vm running zPanel. My zPanel instance broke, dns changes were not being applied. One of […]

Family Photo Album

A place for us to share photos with our family and friends without using the 'free' services.