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How can we help you?

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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Genesee & Wyoming Inc. is unique in the rail-freight industry. Our railroads offer a short line's customer focus and entrepreneurial spirit on a global scale, investing in long-term relationships with customers in North America, Australia, Europe and elsewhere…

Be safe around railroads

G&W’s employee injury-frequency rate has been safer than any Class I railroad for seven consecutive years and is more than five times safer than the short line peer group average.


Locate an industrial development site

Our team can serve as a resource for developing new rail-served properties, expanding current rail infrastructure or pinpointing rail access with the best transload location – all while focused on shortening your time to market.


Move freight by rail

Our locally managed railroads provide access to all major North American markets. Most G&W railroads interchange with multiple Class I carriers, allowing choices for long-haul routing and service, with customer satisfaction that outperforms the trucking and overall rail industries.


Transload freight

By staging inventory at the more than 300 warehouses, transloads and bulk terminals near G&W freight railroads, businesses not located directly on the tracks have the opportunity to tap into freight-rail economics and improve their supply chain costs.


Switch railcars

G&W’s Rail Link subsidiary has safely provided industrial facilities and ports with contract railcar switching and related services for nearly 30 years.


Store railcars

Most of G&W's 114 North American railroads offer storage capacity for unused railcars. Benefits include interchanges with Class 1 railroads and competitive rates as well as flexible terms and service.

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Operate port rail infrastructure

As a safety leader in the industry, many government entities, mining operations, ports and other infrastructure owners choose to outsource their rail operations to G&W companies.


Be safe around railroads

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Move bulk freight by rail

Genesee & Wyoming Australia is an accredited rail operator and infrastructure owner, providing innovative bulk supply chain solutions to the mining, agricultural and resources sectors, and servicing all mainland states/territories in Australia.


Move containers by rail

Genesee & Wyoming Australia has daily service (excluding Sunday) delivering 80,000 tonnes of intermodal freight and 70,000 tonnes of bulk liquids per year between Adelaide and Darwin, servicing Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine en-route, with national on-forwarding capability to all mainland cities in Australia.


Operate rail infrastructure

As a safety leader in the industry, many government entities, mining operations, ports and other infrastructure owners choose to outsource their rail operations to G&W companies.

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Image of a Freightliner train engine, a Genesee & Wyoming Company

Rail services, container terminals and logistics

With businesses in the U.K., Continental Europe and the Middle East, Freightliner is an established, leading provider of intermodal and bulk freight haulage as well as offering rolling stock and infrastructure maintenance solutions.

Operating services across the entire U.K. rail network, Freightliner transports maritime containers from all the main U.K. deep sea ports as well as from a network of 12 owned and third party inland terminals.

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Image of a Pentalver delivery fleet, a Genesee & Wyoming Company

Road services, container terminals and logistics

Pentalver is a leading U.K. container logistics company, providing a range of services across terminals at each of the four major seaports of Felixstowe, Southampton, London Gateway and Tilbury as well as its terminal at Cannock.

Operating a fleet of over 200 articulated vehicles and handling over 1 million TEU of containers each year, Pentalver also supplies new and used containers for sale, including bespoke modifications.


Image of a Freightliner DE train engine, a Genesee & Wyoming Company

Freightliner DE GmbH


Image of a Freightliner PL train engine, a Genesee & Wyoming Company

Freightliner PL Sp z.o.o


Image of the Rotterdam Rail Feeding yard, a Genesee & Wyoming Company

Rotterdam Rail Feeding B.V.
Belgium Rail Feeding BVBA


Middle East

Freightliner Group is a leading rail-freight provider with businesses in the U.K., Continental Europe, Australia and the Middle East. We have established ourselves as a leader within the rail-freight industry; setting standards, introducing new thought processes and industry firsts.